22 - 23 November 2016
    Institute of information science, Maribor


COBISS 2016 CONFERENCE Announcement

Institute of Information Science (IZUM) in Maribor continues with the organisation of the traditional international COBISS conferences. This year's conference, COBISS 2016, will take place between the 22nd and 23rd of November at the new premises in Maribor and will cover many interesting topics. We are looking forward to welcoming competent speakers and we truly believe that the contents will provide a range of compelling challenges.

Following the example of previous conferences, the current topics will be dealt with on the first day, whereas the second day is intended for more specific contentual and technological topics. During the conference, there will be many opportunities to get to know each other, strengthen both professional and personal connections and exchange experiences. The traditional evening event will also not be left forgotten.

We will be informing you about all the details regarding the conference programme via our website. There is no registration fee, but registration will be required. We kindly ask you to mark the dates 22–23 November 2016 in your calendars and are hereby inviting you to contribute to the success of the COBISS 2016 conference along with us.

Davor Šoštarič,
acting director






22 Nov.


  • Registration

  • Conference opening with welcome addresses and cultural programme

  • Jovan Kurbalija, Dejan Dinčić (Diplo Foundation, Malta & Switzerland): How to Keep Libraries in the Digital Era?

  • Johan Stapel (National Library of the Netherlands, Haag, Netherlands): Developing a National Digital Library

  • Rasmus Fangel Vestergaard (Valby Library, Copenhagen, Denmark): Copenhagen Libraries and Generation Z

  • Break

  • Ema Dornik (IZUM, Slovenia): Dimensions and Impact of High Quality Cataloguing

  • Miro Pušnik (CTK, Slovenia) et al.: Analysis of Open Access Publications of the Slovenian Researchers in 2015: Impact and Economics

  • Birgit Maria Hörzer (University library, Graz, Austria): The challenges of cataloguing in an increasingly interconnected world: Could FRBR and RDA provide a solution?

  • Lunch

  • Robert Vehovec (IZUM, Slovenia):
    COBISS+ (OPAC v7)

  • Simon Ošo (ARRS, Slovenia): Using Quantitative Assessment when Selecting Applications at the Slovenian Research Agency

  • Aleksandra Surla (freelance translator, Bilbrook, United Kingdom): Accessing Databases: Reading for All

  • Nina Bunjevac Salkić (Public Library Maglaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina): Positive Side of Librarianship

  • Break

  • Evening reception

23 Nov.


  • Registration

  • Welcome address (Davor Šoštarič)

  • National COBISS Centres' Reports

  • Aida Mahmutović (IGF/MAG, Geneva, Switzerland): South Eastern European Dialog on Internet Governance

  • Break

  • Lidija Curk (IZUM, Slovenia): New Features in Bibliographies

  • Andrej Korošec (IZUM, Slovenia): Online Updating in E-CRIS

  • Miro Tržan (Ljubljana City Library, Slovenia): Business Model of Uniform Acquisition and Cataloguing Procedures in Public Libraries

  • Aleš Bošnjak (IZUM, Slovenia): Training Portal

  • Break

  • Vojko Ambrožič (IZUM, Slovenia): OPAC Architecture

  • Miran Petek (IZUM, Slovenia): Digital Object Repository

  • Zdenka Kamenšek (IZUM, Slovenia): COBISS3/Data Export

  • Davor Šoštarič (IZUM, Slovenia): Less Known Services in reference to the COBISS Platform

  • Branko Zebec (IZUM, Slovenia): Offices of the Future

  • Break (Lunch)



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