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Personal Bibliographies

  • How to fill in or modify data for personal bibliographies? Answer

    The software available on the Bibliographies website enables the display of personal bibliographies for researchers and professionals on the basis of the researcher's code given to authors at the entry into the official records of researchers within the Serbian Research Information System (E-CRIS.SR), if their bibliographic items are included in the COBISS.SR system. The bibliographic data is downloaded from the shared COBIB.SR database. An item from the COBIB.SR database can only be added to the personal bibliography correctly, if it contains the basic bibliographic data (author, title, year of publication, publisher, etc.), the corresponding code from the typology of documents/works, the researcher's code and some other data.

    The data is entered to the shared bibliographic database by libraries that participate in the COBISS.SR system as full members and have qualified cataloguers.

    As a general rule you can decide which library will update and edit your personal bibliography. For researchers, this is usually the library at your institution of employment. If your institution does not have a library, you should find a library that specialises in your subjects. Pay them a visit and they will provide you with detailed instructions for updating your bibliography.

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Bibliographies of Serials

  • What are the features of the display under the Bibliographies of Serials link? Answer

    The Bibliographies of Serials enable bibliographic units, classified by typology, to be displayed from the COBIB.SR shared bibliographic database.
    The display of bibliographic units from COBIB.SR for a particular serial publication is possible only on the basis of the international standard serial number (ISSN) that you have to enter in the appropriate checkbox (if, for example, you enter the number 0352-1982, which is the ISSN of the journal named Arhitektov bilten (Architect's Bulletin), the display will include all catalogued contributions from this journal).

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  • Is it possible to display the bibliography of any serial publication? Answer

    No, you can only display the bibliography of the serial the contributions of which have bibliographic records in the COBIB.SR shared bibliographic database.

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  • I want to display the bibliography of a journal but I am not familiar with its ISSN. Where can I find this ISSN? Answer

    The ISSN can be found in the COBIB.SR shared bibliographic database (e.g. enter the title of the journal in the field).

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