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Reference Service Ask a Librarian - Introduction

Ask a Librarian is a free online reference service that allows you to ask questions and receive answers immediately – either in live chat mode or by e-mail within 24 hours Mondays to Fridays (except holidays). Assistance is provided by specially trained librarians/information professionals at participating libraries and IZUM.

The reference service provides two basic types of assistance:

  • providing information from various resources (public and academic libraries)
  • providing help for COBISS service users (IZUM).

chat with a librarian/information professional
Join the live chat with a librarian/information professional.

Ask by E-mail

Ask by E-mail
Ask a question by using the form and receive an answer by e-mail in
24 hours.

You can browse through all the questions that were either submitted by you or are publicly accessible in the global QuestionPoint knowledge base. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address and the password provided when you ask a question for the first time.

Tips and rules for using the reference servis

  • NOTE: The service is not intended for mass testing. When demonstrating the operation of the service to a group of users, no more than three group members should join the chat. Logging on in large numbers will prevent other users from getting in touch with the librarian/information professional.
  • When you ask a question, try to specify the problem in as much detail as possible, as it will not only make the work of the librarian/information professional much easier, but will also increase the chances that you will be satisfied with the answer you receive.
  • It is very helpful if you list the sources you have already searched so that the librarian/information professional will not repeat searches unnecessarily.
  • Ask specific questions, not questions like "What do you think about …?".
  • The reference service is not intended for receiving reservations or loan renewal requests for library material.
  • It is prohibited to use the service for commercial purposes.
  • The reference service shall not be responsible for any consequences that might result from the use of data obtained through this service.

Protection of personal data

Questions and answers are usually added to the knowledge base. In this case, your name and e-mail address will be deleted automatically. Your e-mail address will not be added to any mailing list and we will do anything to prevent misuse.

Reference service tool

The reference service is supported by the QuestionPoint − Cooperative Virtual Reference (Ask a Librarian) tool which is being developed by the Library of Congress and Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC). QuestionPoint terms of service can be found on their website.

The user interface is translated into Slovene to the extent permitted by the interface's architecture.

Reference service
Ask a Librarian
Participating institutions

National and University
Library, Ljubljana

University of Maribor Library

Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana

Central Economic Library

Central Medical Library

Ljubljana City Library

Maribor Public Library

Public Library of Jesenice

Institute of Information Science, Maribor

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