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Most read books

The list displays the most commonly borrowed books in Slovenian libraries. The statistical report is created on the basis of the loan data from all libraries that participate in the COBIS.SI system and have automated loan services.

Most read books - Details

Based on the loan data from all the libraries within the COBISS.SI system, which have automated loan services, you can print lists of most read material sorted by different criteria. The display of data for an individual library is possible upon the library's request, while the data on library groups (e.g. public libraries, school libraries, etc.) and on all libraries in total is public.

If individual libraries do not wish for their data to be public, they can still print out lists based on a password specified upon their special request.

Libraries can create direct links to the page containing their loan data. To create a link, add a "?" character to the URL address, followed by the parameters and their values. The parameters must be separated by "&" signs. You can enter the following parameters:

Parameter Meaning Example Notes
?l= Year ?l=2002 Mandatory parameter
&m= Month &m=03 (March)
&m=%25 (entire year)
Parameter not mandatory;
the default value is the last month with existing data
&tipg= Material type
- m%25 = monographs
- s%25 = serials
- n%25 = non-book material
&tipg=n%25 Mandatory parameter
&knj= Libraries
- 1%25 = national
- 2%25 = academic/university
- 3%25 = special - all
- 31 = special - economy
- 32 = special - science
- 33 = special - culture
- 34 = special – public administration
- 35 = special – health sector
- 4%25 = public
- 5%25 = school
- library acronym within the COBISS system
Mandatory parameter when you create a list for an individual library or a library group
&s= Transaction status
- i = loans
- r = reservations
- %25 = loans and reservations
&s=%25 Only to be set for lists for individual libraries or library groups;
parameter not mandatory, "loan" is the default value
&e= Limit report size (10,25,50,100) &e=25 Only to be set for lists for individual libraries or library groups;
parameter not mandatory, "25" is the default value


  • You wish to create a list of most commonly borrowed serials for all libraries for April 2002. Enter the following:

  • You wish to create a list of most commonly borrowed non-book material for all special libraries for May 2002. The report must also contain data on reservations and must be limited to the top 50 borrowed titles of material. Enter the following:

  • You wish to create a list of the 100 most commonly reserved monographs for Mariborska knjižnica (Maribor Public Library) for the year 2002. Enter the following:


If you click the COBISS.SI-ID button next to a specific title, a list of ID numbers will be displayed for all records of the said title in the shared and local databases, along with the number of loans and reservations within the time period, for which the list was created. For material, for which there are a lot of different records in the shared database, the preparation of such a list may take longer.

By clicking the COBISS.SI-ID of a record you can also display its bibliographic record. Sometimes the record with the selected COBISS.SI-ID is no longer in the database, which means that the record has been deleted from the shared or the local database since it was included in the list of most read books.

The speed of creating a list or a graph depends on the search criteria and the number of simultaneous users.