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Organizacija znanja (OZ)

1 Feb 2017:

Journal Organizacija znanja (Organisation of Knowledge), Vol. 21, No. 2, published


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Organizacija znanja (OZ)

OZ, volume 21, issue 2 (2016)

OZ 21 (2016) 1

Dear readers,

The latest issue of the journal Organizacija znanja (Organisation of Knowledge), issue 1 of volume 21, 2016, offers a wide variety of interesting contributions. The OZ Editorial Board is happy to report that this issue also includes articles from various parts of the COBISS.Net community. This is one of the ways for librarians and other library professionals and professionals from the area of information sciences from COBISS.Net countries to exchange and share their thoughts, knowledge, experience and news. In this way, we can become acquainted with the news in other areas, learn about the experience of others, improve our knowledge, expand our horizons and grow professionally.

The current issue includes four articles, one of which is published in Serbian and one in Bosnian. This issue introduces article titles also being published in English. The Reports section contains contents and impressions from various events (such as conferences, meetings and congresses) that were attended by the Institute of Information Science’s employees. As usual, the issue is concluded by the COBISS notifications section where all the important new features within the COBISS system from October 2015 to February 2016 are described in one place.

We wish you a pleasant summer, hopefully also while reading our journal.

OZ Editorial Board